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"Get your own water!": A story of birthing.

Monday, April 9th, 2018, my body went into labor without me even knowing.

Over the weekend I'd had two baby showers, and if I am being perfectly honest, I dreeeeeeeaded them because of how awful I was feeling. I was having awful cramps (contractions, know we know), a splitting headache, I ran a fever, and I just felt down right terrible. Something was off. I'd felt terrible before during my pregnancy, but nothing like this.

I pushed through those two showers. One with my friends. One with my family. With smiles and "thank yous" and hugs and conversation all while feeling like my kid was going to bust through my vagina at any. freaking moment. I carried Rohen SO low. I mean, loooooow. At 30 weeks I started having regular cervix checks and this kid's head was so low in my pelvis, I am certain you could see it if you looked up there.

I decided Monday after the weekend I had that I was going to call my Doctor. And as sure as the world is round, I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced at 35 weeks. I mean, I was in labor. For sure. We didn't know that just yet. My doctor said, "Hey, you can hang out at 3cm for weeks and be perfectly fine!" LOL NO I CAN'T! Not this body! My contractions were about 7 minutes apart and were no cause for worry. It was "my body just preparing itself for labor."

Monday evening my cramps (contractions) got worse and closer together. I forced my husband to take me to the OBER that evening against his will. Ladies & mama's, we know when something ain't right. We know. And something was NOT right. They admitted me and checked me again.... 4cm, 80% effaced. IT WAS TIME TO ROCK AND FREAKING ROLL. Jk. In fact, it was not time. PS!!!!!!!!!! Since my kid decided that sitting low was the cool thing to do, my cervix checks were BRUTAL. Up and AROUND that baby's head to check that tiny little opening those babies fly out of.... The worst pain I have ever felt apart from a real life real labor contraction.

I stayed over night and they pumped me up with fluids and shots for Ro's lungs because we all thought he was coming that night. After showing no progression in 24 hours, they sent me home. I was happy that he was getting more time to cook in there but at the same time super ill because I was ready to meet my baby. I knew once they sent me home I was going to be back, I KNEW IT.

I was able to sleep that night. Which was great because when you're in the hospital you can forget sleep. What. Is. Sleep? I slept for 14 hours straight and thank goodness because my body was preparing for the fight of its life. My water broke at 6:30am Wednesday on April 11th.

"Coty, WATER!" I screamed to my husband as I ran to the bathroom. "Get your own water!" His response. LOL.

Yall, when my water broke, it literally sounded like a bag of water busted. I mean, that IS what happened. But I didn't know you could hear it!!!! I'd read articles about women just piddling around after their water breaks at home, showering, cleaning up, packing bags, whatever, so that's what I did. I showered. I packed a bag (because that wasn't done yet), car seat wasn't installed, I mean, we were totally unprepared. 10/10 would NOT recommend taking your sweet time after your water breaks. Once my contractions started, about an hour later, it was on like donkey kong. I have NEVER in my life experienced pain like that. Imagine someone stabbing your lady area while you have a 300lb man standing on your stomach, while said 300lb man also is doing an Indian burn to your entire body. I don't even think that gives it justice. I think I broke Coty's hand while he was driving with his knee, calling my parent's, and rubbing my belly all at the same time. PSA: Rubbing bellies does not help.

We whipped into Women's and Children's and I was CUSSING. The sweet man that got me out of the car and into a wheel chair, I am forever sorry for yelling at you the way I did. I didn't mean it. LOL, I apologized when we left the hospital. The poor kids sitting in the waiting room probably thought I was the Devil reincarnated.

Of course, the check in process took about 13 years. I was soaking wet, dripping water and amniotic fluid, and blood, and God knows what else... probably pee.

They finally got us back and checked me (HOLY HEAVENS DO NOT RECOMMEND) and I was at 5cm and 100% effaced. I was in so much pain. I could not get an epidural until I'd had a bag of fluids. My contractions were a minute apart and I honestly felt like I was dying. My epidural came 3 hours later. ALSO, the best thing about labor is a catheter. It sucks going in, but not having to get up to potty every 2 minutes was PURE GLORY!

Something they don't tell you about delivering a baby is you will get the shakes, like uncontrollable, body convulsions, that make you feel like you are having an out of body experience. I thought I was freezing but really I was just shaking uncontrollably for no reason.

I finally got my epidural and I was Ready. To. GO! I mean it was like night and day. I couldn't feel a thing. I was having strong contractions like 45 seconds apart and I felt like I could of run a marathon if I could of felt my legs. They checked my cervix multiple times and I just continued the conversation with the nurses as if nothing was happening. Remember how bad I told you that mess hurt? It was a true miracle. I went from a 7cm to a 10cm in 30 minutes after my epidural was in. I started pushing around 12pm and had a baby laying on my chest at 12:39pm. It was the most empowering, beautiful, incredible thing I have ever done in my entire life. I never knew how strong my body was until that moment.

Rohen weighed 6lbs even and was 18.5 inches long. He was taken to the nursery to monitor his breathing for a little over 2 hours. I hated that they had to take him away but was so thankful that they did. He was absolutely perfect.

I'd never known how much I could love something until I held him in my arms. I never wanted to let him go. I spent hours just looking at him and praying and thanking God for trusting me with something so precious.

We were the parents that sent our newborn to the nursery at night so we could get some sleep and we'd do it all over again the exact same. Mama's, if you're on the fence about doing that or think sending your baby up to the nursery is a negligent thing to do, pump the freaking breaks. We, I, got to REST. Your body just went through a traumatic experience and change!! Do yourself a favor and rest!

We got to take Rohen home two days later. I couldn't believe that as a preemie, he was such a little fighter and just ready to get home. He was perfectly healthy and just as sweet and perfect as could be.

I tell you what, there is nothing like labor pains. Eve really did us ladies in at the fall of humanity. But there's nothing that compares to the joy and love that you feel when you see that baby for the first time. The pain, the hemorrhoids, the mesh panties and vagina tear, and all the things leading up to this moment and all the things you have to endure after are so much more than worth it. They're the reason women choose to do it over and over and over again. There's nothing like bringing a baby into the world. No greater feeling of love and accomplishment. It's the best thing I have ever done and this kid is the best thing I have ever made.

It's so true that I'll never ever in a million years know a love like this one. Nothing else seems to matter. Little things that used to bother me fade to black. My heart grew 50 sizes. I have learned so much from this tiny human about myself and about life in general. He teaches me that it's okay to make mistakes and he teaches me to be patient and gentle and kind. He is the best, I mean, THE BEST baby in the entire world. And though I may be biased, any one who knows Rohen knows it too and they will tell you.

Just look at him now.

In Love.

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